My Coaching Approach

A Life Coach helps you to make life enhancing changes and reach important goals in the various areas of your life. For me, coaching is also about having an objective professional in your corner, who truly believes in you and is deeply engaged and invested in supporting you to live your fullest life. Someone who will provide a safe, non-judgmental space, so you are comfortable to be completely yourself and work through whatever you need to, together.

The coaching I do is all about getting to know yourself really, really well so you are able to create more happiness and fulfillment in your life, by igniting your inner resources, such as your core values and innate strengths, …in order to ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH WHO YOU TRULY ARE, rather than going along with the heard, and what I mean by this, is merely following other people’s version of success and what a happy life is supposed to look like, according to society’s prescriptions. Coaching with me, involves a process of self-discovery, coupled with the relevant self-alignment steps, towards achieving your own version and vision of happiness, well-being and success.

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The Key Benefits of Coaching With Me

Master Your Strengths

Stop living your life like “a fish trying to climb a tree.” The world does not need more of the same. It needs people like you, who think and are different. Be the amazing person that you already are. Together, we will ignite your gifts and put your natural talents to work, so you can impact your life, through being uniquely you.

Live Your Purpose & Values

Discover yourself. Find your purpose and passions. Your life today is a reflection of choices based on your value system. Once you know your values and who you are, you will know what is most important to you. With this comes clarity and an ability to create self-congruent goals.

Work-Life Balance

High achievers, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and parents, often have many competing commitments to contend with. Often they end up sacrificing the very things that are most important to them, such as their own well-being or relationships. Coaching will help you to focus and prioritize where you choose to spend your energy and create a balance which honours you.

Personal Development

Through the coaching process, I will help you to see beyond your current self-imposed limitations and self-sabotaging thinking patterns. You will gain the ability to regulate your own emotions so that you are empowered to make more conscious choices to ensure you always remain focused on your ideal outcomes and big picture objective. Utimately your Emotional Intelligence and wisdom should increase.

Be an Authentic Leader

Inspiring leadership, is sometimes less about what you are doing, and more about who you are being. It is important to have your own personal leadership vision. When you are crystal clear and passionate about where your are heading, you have a place to take people. Creating a resonant leadership style is about being true to who you are and focusing on your authentic leadership skills and style.

Take your life to the next level

Many coaching clients are in fact already pretty satisfied with their lives, however they are craving to take things to the next level. Perhaps you have exactly what you’ve always wanted, but still feel there is something more out there. You are not serving the world by playing small. Who are you not to be great? Coaching will help you to “up your game” in a very intentional way.

Get Your Personal Needs Met

Getting your personal needs met, are not optional, they are essential for your well-being. Knowing what your needs are and meeting them, will ensure you snap out of unwanted recurring patterns and help you conserve your energy for the important stuff, like pursuing your goals. You need to prioritize yourself to have the resources to give of yourself.

Create Holistic Well-being

What good are goals, if you have zero energy? To have the energy and vitality it takes to create the life you want, it’s vital to create a sustainable lifestyle plan, incorporating physical, mental and spiritual self-care. It’s a struggle to navigate your life and pursue your goals if you have no fuel. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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