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Coaching Packages

Due to the engaged nature of the coaching I offer, all below mentioned Coaching Packages offer:

  • Ongoing follow-up email support, as well as
  • Short between session calls
  • Depending on your requirements, the frequency of coaching you prefer, as well as your budget, there are various monthly coaching packages available. I also operate on a sliding scale, therefore, the more comprehensive packages work out cheaper at a per session rate. For more information on my rates you can an Initial Coaching Call with me.

Self-Discovery Package

The Self-Discovery Package has been created for clients who want to kick-start or deepen their coaching experience with six initial crucial conversations regarding their Personal Needs, Core Values, Realized and Unrealized Strengths, Mindfulness and Holistic Self-Care. These six initial coaching sessions serve as a foundation for self-awareness, which will support you to align your life with who you truly are and live your version of success, happiness and well-being. We will explore areas such as:

  • Your Core Values – The navigation system you use to make all your life decisions, who you are at your core, and what matters most to you, above all else in this world
  • Personal Needs – Identify the things you need to have in place for your life to function optimally, and how to resourcefully manage them
  • Realized and Unrealized Strengths – Discover and ignite your natural, innate talents and gifts, and strategize how to put them to work in your life, to create ease, flow and joy
  • A Holistic Well-Being Plan – Your mental, physical and spiritual well-being and how to manage your energy and vitality, so that you can successfully operate your life and achieve your goals

The Self-Discovery Package consists of 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions, structured as follows:

  • 1 x 60 minute Vision and Big Picture Session
  • 1 x Holistic Self-Care Assessment and Action Steps
  • 1 x 60 minute Personal Needs Identification and Management Plan
  • 1 x 60 minute Core Values Clarification and Alignment
  • Realized and Unrealized Strengths Discovery, using the R2 Premium Strengths Profile Assessment (pre-work)
  • 1 x 60 minute R2 Strengths Profiler De-brief discussion and Strengths Development Plan
  • 1 x 60 minute Goal Setting and Action Planning

Complete Self-Alignment Package

Do you need an impactful and meaningful intervention in your life? If you are in search of a deeper transformational experience and medium to longer term coaching engagement, which also includes my above mentioned Self-Discovery Process, then this package will be ideally suited to you.

The 12 Session Complete Self-Alignment Package Consists of:

  • The 6 x 60 min Self-Discovery Package (as detailed above)
  • Plus an additional 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions to complete a comprehensive coaching cycle and initial self-alignment process
  • Ongoing follow-up email support, as well as
  • Short between session calls

In addition to the Self-Discovery Process the Complete Self-Alignment Package also includes coaching on:

  • The latest finding from the Science of Stress and how to apply it to your life
  • Improving your Willpower, Motivation and Confidence
  • Defining your own Well-being, Success and Happiness
  • Self-Congruent Goal Setting, Action Planning and Accountability
  • Applying scientifically proven Positive Psychology Interventions (including areas such as courage, kindness, gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, wisdom, purpose and meaning) and Happiness Practices, to help you thrive both personally and professionally

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