Positive Psychology Coaching can reveal your path to optimal happiness, health and success. Align your life with who you truly are!

Scientifically proven coaching methods which support you to live your fullest life

Positive Psychology Coaching is a coaching methodology based on scientifically proven approaches derived from research on positive topics, such as: Happiness, Confidence, Motivation, Personal Strengths, Willpower, Well-being, Hope, Optimism, Resilience, Wisdom, Values, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness and more. I seamlessly blend the latest of these findings within the science of Positive Psychology into my coaching conversations, with the aim of supporting my clients to align their lives with who they truly are and live their fullest possible lives.

What is Positive Psychology?

The aim of Positive Psychology researchers is to find out what supports individuals and communities to thrive, in other words how they can be optimally happy, healthy and successful.

The name can sometimes be a little misleading. It is not about always being positive or seeing only the good. In fact false happiness and fake positivity have been proven to have a negative impact on emotional and physical well-being. Rather the science aims to support people to make positive, happiness and life-enhancing decisions and build these habits and activities into their daily lives.

Positive Psychology is an applied science, which means, it’s principles can be applied across various different fields and professions, such as education and coaching. In my coaching practice, I use scientifically proven Positive Psychology interventions, practices and exercises with my clients, to support them in creating more happiness and well-being in their lives.

Is about focusing on what’s going right, in stead of what’s going wrong in your life and with yourself

Thanks to mother nature, our brains are biologically programmed to notice, focus on and magnify the negative. This is called our Negativity Bias and is a natural state of being for us. Positive Psychology will help you to override your natural default to the negative and support you to become more open and receptive to noticing the positive and expanding and savoring positive emotions and experiences. Some of the things we will work with, includes practicing gratitude, self-compassion and kindness and focusing on igniting your innate personal strengths, rather than focusing on and fixing your weaknesses.

Recognizes that happiness is a daily choice and result of taking care of yourself physically, financially and mentally

As per a 2010-2011 studies by Positive Psychology researchers Lyubomirsky and Sheldon, it was revealed that 50% of what determines our happiness is in fact genetically set. Only 10% of our level of happiness is impacted by life circumstances and 40% of our happiness was found to be totally within our control. How? The researchers proved that this 40% is caused by what they refer to as intentional activities. In other words, the activities we engage with in our everyday life and routine. By intentionally adding happiness enhancing activities which increase our physical, emotional and mental well-being, we can positively impact our happiness level by 40%. We also need to eliminate unwanted, self-sabotaging habits.

Believes that nurturing healthy relationships is the single most important contributor to our happiness

A 2010 Harvard survey revealed that two key components contribute to happiness: 1. Doing good for others and 2. Doing good for me. Your relationship to yourself is just, if not more important than your relationships with others. You’ll be supported to see your own value, practice self-compassion and also practice the gift of kindness, compassion and altruism. A 2015 Harvard Study, spanning over 50 years, with the same group of respondents, revealed that they considered their relationships to be the single most important contributor to their happiness, when asked to reflect back over the course of their lives.

Encourages you to master your strengths and find your flow

During our coaching, I will help you to find that sweet spot, by identifying your natural innate strengths and talents, and intentionally employing them in your life. You’ll establish what you love to do, and what you’re really great at doing. Then we will explore more opportunities for you to do this as often as possible, across all areas of your life. When you are using your highest strengths, passions and talents, you will be energized, enjoy what you are doing, have much better results, feel engaged in your life and be happier. Achievement is also crucial to experiencing more well-being. I will assist you set meaningful and self-congruent goals, which will support you to create more fulfillment in your life.

Helps you to notice, savor and “collect” happy moments and positive experiences

Happiness is not this big event. You are not going to wake up one morning and it would have magically descended on you. Happiness is created by paying attention to all the little micro-moments and experiences that uplift you and savoring them. These seemingly small events snowball and have a ripple effect in your life and in the lives of people around you. “Positive Psychology isn’t about always seeing the glass half full. In fact it’s about so much more than whether the glass is half full or half empty. It is about noticing however much water is in the glass, savoring the experiencing of tasting it, deeply appreciating having water to drink, sharing it with the thirsty stranger beside you and walking away feeling uplifted.”

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