The Top 10 Goals & Needs of My Female Coaching Clients

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January 11, 2018
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The Top 10 Goals & Needs of My Female Coaching Clients

Ever wonder what goes on in the a coaching session? Well it surely will look differently for each and every coach. You might be surprised to find out what we talk about most often! Due to my unusually engaged and invested coaching style, here are some of the main goals and needs of my female clientele. Read the Top 10 Benefits of Life Coaching for Women

1. Work-life balance is a big one

Especially after my clients have just become moms. They need to figure out how to cope with competing commitments and redefine themselves in their new roles especially as working moms.
Some women also want to transition from corporate to their own business, or study something new.

2. Self-care is a huge theme

Most women, especially new moms, don’t prioritize themselves. Creating space in their lives for themselves again, and taking adequate care of themselves, is of the utmost importance when you need to take care of little people and everyone else in your life. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup! Self-care is the foundation of a successful life.

3. Discovering their strengths and what they love doing. Even what their life purpose might be and how to create more meaning in their lives.

Lots of my female clients hit a point in their lives where they “have everything they’ve always wanted” (job, husband, children etc.) but they are still not as happy as they thought they would be at this point.

So defining happiness for themselves or what success means to them is, as well as what their well-being vision is, are crucial building blocks towards a flourishing life. They ask the question: “How could I start thriving in stead of purely surviving in my life?”

4. Legacy and Contribution

Most of my clients also want to somehow contribute or impact the world. They want to somehow make a positive difference. Start a non-profit, volunteer or make a difference in the world.

5. Developing Psychological Flexibility: Constructively dealing with unpleasant thoughts and emotions

Many of my clients are high achievers, perfectionists and suffer from depression, bi-polar or anxiety. I have an amazing new methodology that I will be adding to my practice in 2018. It is called ACT – Acceptance and Commitment therapy, which is effective and practical in helping clients to use mindfulness and their values, when dealing with their unpleasant thoughts and emotions in an ongoing sustainable manner.

4) Confidence!

Across the board, my clients have a confidence issue in some area of their lives. It could be from work, to parenting, self-worth, appearance or new skills. Self-criticism being one of the main culprits, as well as comparison to others, putting unrealistic expectations on themselves, past trauma and abuse.

5) “Making it” in a predominantly male dominated environment

This comes up fairly often, especially some of my clients who find themselves in predominantly male dominated industries. Dealing with inequality, discrimination, being pigeon-holed, harassment, struggling to negotiate and breaking free from stereotyping.

6) Conflict- and relationship management always comes up

From dealing with peers at work, to how to manage up and down in the workplace. Relationships with family members and friends, sometimes toxic ones. Dare I mention the in-laws! Romantic partnerships. You name it, we cover it.

7) Sadly, sexual abuse comes up often

This might have happened as a child or is currently happening. Sometimes here, depending on the client’s needs, I need to collaborate with a counselor or therapist. Forgiveness of themselves is a key factor here. Not allowing themselves to be defined for the rest of their lives by what happened to them, finding their way back to their self-worth and practicing self-compassion is important. Sometimes this requires continual healing and self-forgiveness over and over again…

8) Getting clarity on what exactly they want and how to make the right decisions for their lives.

Lots of clients know what they don’t want, but they sometimes struggle to define what they DO want. Support with making important life decisions is a biggy. working with their core values, critical needs and strengths is a solid recipe for figuring this all out. My coaching involves a lot of self-discovery work. When you know yourself at your core, you know what decisions will be right in order to live your life in alignment with who you are.

9) Stopping bad habits and starting new healthy habits

Almost all my clients require support in this area. This is woven seamlessly into our coaching and I provide an accountability structure depending on my clients preferences.

10) Self-development, career transition or leadership development skills

I work with many  highly gifted women, with ambitious goals, always striving to grow personally and professionally. Many of them are continuous learners, corporate climbers or talented entrepreneurs. Our coaching conversations create a space for them to maximise their fullest potential.


Would you like to have a coaching conversation about anything I shared? Then feel free to request a FREE Initial Coaching Session with me.


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