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Acceptance and Commitment

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a powerful, scientifically proven method to overcome difficult thoughts and emotions through mindfulness and acceptance. When we accept our thoughts and emotions for what they are, they naturally begin to loosen their hold over us. ACT also calls for action to make changes that are based on our core values, so that every decision and goal is naturally aligned with who we are as individuals, and who we want to be. ACT is proven to be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addiction, among other issues, and the results are often life-changing.

Positive Psychology Coaching

I incorporate positive psychology into my coaching practice because it is scientifically proven to be effective in achieving incredible, long-lasting results. Positive Psychology is a holistic approach to personal development that focuses on all of the aspects of our lives that lead to greater meaning and fulfillment. While traditional psychology tends to treat mental health issues and dysfunctions as diseases we must fight or “get rid of,” Positive Psychology aims to support us exactly where we are, in functioning at our very best—not simply trying to get better, be “normal,” or fix our weaknesses. Not only do we explore what is causing us pain, but we also build on what is already going well, such as striving to improve our strengths, practicing great self-care, and using our values, innate talents, and inner resources to navigate our lives. In this way, we are constantly growing towards our potential—and that potential is limitless.


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