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Knowledge – we spend most of our life gaining as much as we can. Decades spent in schooling, investing in a career path, and then searching for continual growth in the roles which we have assumed – partner, mother, employee, boss. Yet how much time have we dedicated to gaining knowledge about ourselves, who we truly are away from our learned truths and values? What lies at the very centre of our being?


For many women today, taking the time to discover who they are and what fulfils them sits at the bottom of a very long to-do list. The modern woman, who now more than ever in our history has the potential to embrace happiness and longevity in every aspect of her life, is often living in a state of doing rather than being, of coping rather than feeling satisfied. We struggle to be present in the moment, to enjoy our families, or even consider if the career we are in is leaving us fulfilled. We are mostly on auto-pilot, more mindless than mindful.

You might look at your to-do list and scoff at social media posts you read about self-care or finding the right work-life balance. But how much of your life, your emotions and actions are dictated by external, rather than internal, factors? How do you feel? Are you constantly fatigued? Do you feel aimless, perhaps a little lost in who you have become? It’s difficult to pour from an empty cup.


Life is a series of transitions and we are in a constant state of flux. Some transitions are harder than others, but through each stage we have the potential to learn about ourselves. We get opportunities to voyage on a journey of self-discovery which allows us to connect with the best in ourselves, to find out and focus on what truly matters to us, and to redefine our personal success and happiness. This is perhaps the greatest and most powerful knowledge we can possess. If we choose to live a life aligned to our own, individual values, if we take the time to discover and nurture our strengths and passions, if we understand our needs and weaknesses, we can live a life filled with purpose and happiness.


As a life coach, my motivation is to help you discover the importance of self-awareness and how it can be a powerful tool in your life, with the ability to transform your relationships, your career, your life’s direction. Last month I celebrated my 40th birthday and reaching this milestone has led me to reflect back on my life and the ongoing process I have embarked on to know and accept myself deeply. How I learned to stop falling victim to my mental health, turning it into a strength rather than a weakness, and taking my happiness into my own hands and understanding that it was my responsibility and no one else’s. It’s one of the reasons I created the TrueYou Self Discovery Course – for other women to get to know themselves completely before embarking on a coaching or goal-setting journey. If you don’t have a clear idea of who you are and what matters most to you, you cannot set goals that are truly aligned to you. To experience more meaning and fulfilment you need to set the right goals, for the right reasons.


There is no moment like the present to start your self-discovery journey. Uncover your authentic self and take control of your destiny by unveiling the many conditioned roles, limiting beliefs and self-imposed rules and habits directing your life. Learn to live your life without passing judgment on yourself and work towards obtaining your own approval and not that of others. Be kind to yourself, and embrace opportunities that highlight your capabilities, or allow you to discover hidden passions and talents. Above all, take responsibility to empower and value yourself, which will not only lead to greater mental and physical well-being, but allow you to move towards a life that resonates with the kind of person you truly want to be.



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