August 31, 2018
September 12, 2018

“I came to coaching because I heard from my colleague that it was a life changing experience and it was also a fun experience learning about who you are as a person. However, for me, it was a longer journey than I anticipated to find the RIGHT coach. In my opinion the right coach is the one who makes you feel MORE like you than you ever did before—just a better version. For me, that “right coach” was Paula.
Challenges that brought me to coaching were based around my overly busy schedule and the need to sit back and reflect to make sure I was headed in the direction that would lead to me where I wanted to ultimately end up. Coaching has helped me pursue this reflection on a deeper level, and to understand the morals and values that drive every day action in a way that is more fulfilling, satisfying and genuine. It has helped me realign my values, and therefore my choices. I would never have made the time to do this without coaching.
Paula doesn’t just feel like a coach, she comes across as a friend in the sense that you can feel her genuine ability to care about you deeply. Working with someone that you know is that invested in your well-being and success, allows you to gain more meaningful insights as you don’t feel like you are acting, but are truly free to be your genuine self and peel back the layers of what you need.
Paula doesn’t let you get away with anything either and isn’t afraid to push you to uncover and learn more. But, magically she also allows you to have the space you need to figure out things at your own pace, and so your coaching becomes extremely personalized to you and your needs which is difficult to find with coaches. With Paula coaching isn’t a business, it is a calling. I have had many experiences with different coaches over the years at all levels of experience, and I can honestly say nobody has even come close to Paula. Her unique ability to intuitively understand you and then to care for and help you reach your goals in a way that is sincerely meaningful to you is unparalleled.
If you are ready to commit to growth, both spiritually, professional and otherwise, coaching with Paula is an easy decision to make. Once she is in your life there is no question it will be changed for the better.”